KMA (Keluarga Mahasiswa Akuntansi) Undip as students association on behalf of  Dept. of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business, Diponegoro University has many projects in it. One of the projects from KMA Undip is Diponegoro Accounting’s Harmony or DASH. DASH is an annual olympiad aimed at accounting students throughout Indonesia and calling all accounting students in Indonesia to participate and competing in the accounting field. This year, DASH is conducted online and for three consecutive days from September 30, 2021, to October 2, 2021. Competition is divided into two types, namely DAC (Diponegoro Accounting Competition), which is an accounting olympiad, and APC (Accounting Paper Competition), which is a paper competition such as presentation and critical thinking.

Every year DASH raises a different grand theme for the participants. This year, as an effort to support the preparation of smarter and more competent accountants in the face of technological developments and the 5.0 era, DASH raised the grand theme of “Preserving The Existence of Accountant Towards Disruptive Technology and Super Smart Society 5.0 Era”. It is hoped that the existence of DASH 2021 can make accounting students aware that they will be faced with technological challenges that require them to adapt in order to maintain their existence and role as accountants.

Besides the two competitions, DASH also had a series of other events, namely Accounting Rush, which is a session where all participants and committees played several games to interact with other participants from different teams and universities. By the very end of the event, there was Awarding Night where we announce the winner and appreciate all the parties involved such as participants, committees, judges, sponsorship, media partners, and many more. We hope that we could give a pleasant closing for all the parties so that all good impact will be received in the future. DASH 2021, Ready to Light Up The Future!

For more information and updates, DASH has several social media that are available to interact such as :

Instagram : @dashdiponegoro

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Twitter : @dashundip

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