Community Services

Community Service Activities by universities are defined as the practice of science and technology carried out by universities in an institutionalized manner through the scientific method directly to the community (outside the campus that is not covered by formal education programs) who need it in an effort to succeed in development and develop human development).

This program is an activity in the form of community education, community service, action review, application and development of research results and regional development. The target audience for the Community Service Implementation activity is the wider community, either as individuals, groups, communities or institutions in urban and rural areas.

The Community Service Program funded by the Faculty DIPA also has sources of funds outside the internal Faculty of Economics and Business coordinated by the UNDIP Research and Community Service Institute (LPPM), including:

1. Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education DRPM service, consisting of:
• Community Partnership Program
• Entrepreneurship Development Program
• Export Product Development Program
• Regional Leading Product Development Program
• Campus Intellectual Product Business Development Program
• Regional Partnership Program
• Regional Partnership Program between CSR or PEMDA
• Hi-Link Program
• KKN-PPM Program

2. Central Java Higher Education Facilitation Program, consisting of:
• Student Entrepreneurship Culture Development
• Application and Development of Appropriate Technology
• Application and Development of Integrated Appropriate Technology
• Student Technology Design

3. The Community Service Program is funded by a private company.

4. Service Program funded by FEB