Research activities are classified into two programs, namely the Development Program and the Independent Research Program. The Guidance Program is directed at producing independent researchers, publications at national/international level and increasing the culture of productive research. This program includes various researches, both funded internally by the faculty through DIPA PNBP, Faculty of Economics and Business, UNDIP, and other funds, both from the government and the private sector. The Independent Research Program is more directed at creating innovations and developing science and technology with independent funding from each researcher.

Research funded from various other sources outside of DIPA FEB UNDIP funds and coordinated by the UNDIP Research Institute, among others:

1. Research Program Towards World Class University
2. DP2M DIKTI Research Programs, including:

• College Excellence Research
• Inter-University Cooperation Research (PEKERTI)
• National Strategic Excellence Research
• Graduate Team Research
• Fundamental Research
• Competitive Grant Research
• Competency Grant
• Doctoral Dissertation Research
• Beginner Lecturer Research
• Research in Higher Education and Industry (RAPID)
• Foreign Cooperation Research and International Publications
• Competency Research
• National Strategy Research
• MP3EI National Priority Research
• Student Research Creativity Program (PKPM)
• Scientific Writing Student Creativity Program (PKMI)

3. Central Java Province Higher Education Facilitation Program Research Programs, including:

• Young Lecturer Research
• Applied Research
• Student Innovative Research
• Student Writing Competition

4. Incentive Program of the State Ministry of Research and Technology
5. Integrated Leading Research Program (RUT) of Central Java Province
6. Research Institutions/Private Companies