No Name Teaching Areas Research Interests
1 Imam Ghozali, Professor, Drs, M.Com,, Ph.D, Ak Management Accounting, Accounting Seminar, Statistics, Risk Management Corporate Governance, Management Accounting
2 Mohamad Nasir, Professor, Drs, M.Si, Ph.D, Ak Management Accounting Management Accounting
3 Muchamad Syafruddin, Professor,Dr,M.Si., Ak Acconting Theory, Accounting Seminar Financial Accounting, Corporate Governance
4 Abdul Rohman, Professor,Dr, M.Si ,Ak, CA Public Sector Accounting, Public Sector Auditing Public Sector Accounting
5 Tarmizi Achmad, Professor, Drs, MBA, Ph.D, Ak, CA, CPA, CFE, CFRa Auditing, Audit Investigative, Akuntansi Fosensik, Risk Management, corporate Governance, Manajemen keuangan Auditing, Audit Investigative, Akuntansi Fosensik, Risk Management, corporate Governance
6 Anis Chariri, Professor, SE., M.Com.,Ph.D, Ak, CA, CFra Accounting Theory Sociological Aspect of Accounting
Forensic Accounting Corporate Reporting, Governance and Disclosure
Multidisciplinary Research in Accounting Forensic Accounting
Accounting Research Methodology
Financial Statement Fraud
Economic and Technology Crime
7 Faisal, Professor, SE., M.Si, Ph.D, CMA, CRP, CERG Management Accounting, Risk Management, Capital Market CSR, Sustainability Reporting
8 Indira Januarti, Professor, Dr, MSi, Ak, CA, CFra Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Introduction to Accounting, Auditing, Internal Audit, Forensic Accounting, Investigative Audit,  CG Audit, corporate governance, Management Accounting, CSR
9 Adi Firman Ramadhan, SE,M.Ak,Ak Accounting Information System Accounting Information System
10 Aditya Septiani, SE,M.Si, Ak, CA Fianancial Accounting, Management Accounting CSR, Corporate Governance
11 Adityawarman, SE, M.Acc, Ak Islamic Accounting,  Accounting Information System Islamic Accounting, Waqf Managament and Accounting
12 Agung Juliarto, SE,M.Si, Ph.D, Ak, CA,CRA. Financial Accounting Fiancial Accounting and Reporting, Corporate Governance
13 Agus Purwanto, Dr,M.Si,Ak,CRP Financial Accounting, Capital Market, Property and Business Valuation Capital Market
14 Agustinus Santosa Adiwibowo,Drs;M.Si,Ak Cost Accounting Practicum, Acounting Information System CSR
15 Andri Prastiwi, Dra, M.Si, Ak, CA, QRMO Management Accounting, Disclosure, CG, Impression Management
16 Andrian Budi Prasetyo, SE, M.Si, Ak, CA, CAAT, ASEAN CPA, QRMO Financial Accounting Corporate Governance, Fraud, Corporate Social Responsibility
17 Daljono, Drs, M.Si, Ak Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Public Sector Accounting Public Sector Budgeting
18 Darsono, Dr,MBA,Ak, CA, CPA Accounting ; Auditing; Corporate Governance Corporate Governance; Accounting; Auditing; Finance
19 Dul Muid, Drs., M.Si., Ak Taxation Taxation
20 Dwi Cahyo Utomo, SE, MA, Ph.D, Ak Public Sector Accounting, Information System Public Sector Accounting
21 Dwi Ratmono, Dr, M.Si, Ak, CA Management Control System, Statistics Management Control System
22 Endang Kiswara, Dr, M.Si, Ak Taxation Taxation
23 Etna Nur Afri Yuyetta, Dr, M.Si, Ak Financial Accounting, Management Accounting CSR, Corporate Governance
24 Fuad,M.Si, Ph.D Management Accounting, Research Methodology, Statistics IFRS Convergence
25 Haryanto,Dr, MSi., Ak Public Sector Accounting Public Sector Accounting
26 Herry Laksito,SE, M.Adv, Ak Auditing, Taxation Auditing, Taxation
27 Jaka Isgiyarta, Dr, M.Si, Ak Intermediate Accounting Financial Accounting, Islamic Financial Accounting
28 Marsono, SE, M. Adv.,Acc,Ak,CA,QRMO,CRA. Financial Accounting, Public Sector Accounting, Management/ Cost Accounting Market based research, behavior accounting, public sector research
29 Mutiara Tresna Parasetya, SE, M.Si, Ak, CA Accounting Information Systems, Internet of Things, Systems Analysis and Design Internet Financial Reporting, Web-based Corporate Reporting
30 Nur Cahyonowati, Dr, SE, M.Si, Ak Introduction to Accounting, Capital and Money Market, Governance and Busisness Ethics, Auditing Taxation, Earnings Management
31 Paulus Th Basuki Hadiprajitno,Dr, MBA, MAcc, Ak, CA Accounting Information System, Internal Audit Corporate governance
32 Puji Harto,SE, MSi,Ph.D, Ak, CA Financial Accounting, Corporate Reporting, Accounting Theory, Financial Statement Analysis Corporate Governance, Sustainability Disclosure, ESG, Cost of Capital
33 Rr Sri  Handayani, Dr, M.Si, Ak, CA Advanced Accounting, Forensic Accounting, Capital Market Advanced Accounting, Forensic Accounting, Capital Market
34 Rr. Karlina Aprilia K.,Dr, M.Sc, Ak, CA, CFra, CTA Management accounting Corporate Governance, management accounting
Financial Accounting
35 Shiddiq Nur Rahardjo, SE, M.Si, Ak, CA Cost Accounting, Management Accounting, Public Sector Accounting Public Sector Accounting, Behavioral Accounting, Finance Accounting
36 Siti Mutmainah,Dr,SE,M.Si,Ak,CA.,CRA,CRP,CSRS. Management Accounting, Business Ethics & Governance, Islamic Accounting, Management Control Systems, Research Method Corporate Governance, Business & Profession Ethics, Islamic Accounting, Management Accounting.
37 Surya Raharja, SE, M.Si, Ph.D, Ak, CA Business and accounting systems, Auditing, Research Methods Audit, Fraud, and Sustainability
Accounting Information System
System Design & Analysis
38 Totok Dewayanto,Dr, M.Si, Ak Cyber Security & Digital Crime Internal Control Disclosure, Digital Corporate Governance
Internal Control System
IT Audit
39 Tri Jatmiko Wahyu Prabowo,SE, MSi., Ph.D,Ak Public Sector Accounting, Research Methodology Public Sector Accounting
40 Wahyu Meiranto, SE,M.Si,Ak, CA Advance Accounting, Financial Accounting Accounting Information System
41 Warsito Kawedar, Dr, M.Si, Ak Public Sector Accounting, Management Accounting, Management Control System Public Sector Accounting, Management Accounting
42 Zulaikha,Dr, M.Si., Ak, CA, CFra Taxation Accounting,  Tax Management Taxation, Forensic Accounting, Fraud
No Name Roles
1 Novita Dewi Ambarwati, SE, Ak Academic and Finance Administration
2 Budi Santoso, S.Ak Academic Information System
3 Didik Sugiarto Class Monitoring
4 Tiara Novityawati, S.Pd. Thesis Administration